Update 28 February 2009

February 28, 2009

Completed Home pages for E & O volunteers.



Updates 27 February 2009

February 28, 2009

Still working on making home pages.  Complete J and Y; also continued work on B. 


Update 25 February 2009

February 26, 2009

I am working on building home pages for Category I volunteers.  I have added links to Vernon Snow and Hilliard Bernstein’s pages.  I completed I, U and Z  home pages (the smallest letters) this week.


Update 12 February 2009

February 12, 2009

I was able to finally complete the unconfirmed, and CAT II and III pages today (with the exception of four pages).  I still have a lot of work to do on the CAT II and III pages.  I also want to start adding to the Category I pages.  I have a great deal of work ahead of me.


Update 10 February 2009

February 11, 2009

I should have the unconfirmed P’s and the Category II and III volunteers finished this week.  Then I will start adding information on the Category I volunteers.