Category I Volunteers

Several individuals have attempted over time to assemble a comprehensive list of Americans who served in the Spanish Civil War. Category I volunteers are linked to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives (ALBA) volunteer database. I have started updating the ALBA site.  I will be working in alphabetical order.


12 Responses to Category I Volunteers

  1. Colleen Darby says:

    Maurice Friedman was my uncle. He died in the Great Retreats near Gandesa on 2 April 1938. There is more information about him on
    Maurice was my mother’s brother. I never met him and do not know much more about him than what is posted on the above link. My mother talked about him with great emotion throughout her life. All of his survivors know of the role he played in fighting fascism and attended memorial services in San Francisco for many years.

  2. brooksarp says:


    The material on the ALBA website is the information you provided about a decade ago. I have added the photograph you provided on this site to complement the ALBA work.



  3. P. H.Kennedy says:

    Please share any information you may have about Henry Buska, Machine Gunner Officer. My mother’s brother. KIA in SCW on March 10 or 11, 1938 during retreats.
    Thank you.

  4. Dennis says:

    I’m the great nephew of Walter Disler from Lorain Ohio and I have photos and his discharge papers from when he was in Spain that I’d like ot share. Please let me know how.

  5. P. H.Kennedy says:

    I’m looking for any information about Walter Kukkola and Reino Tanttila.

  6. Hello! My husband’s grandfather was John Llewellyn Thomson. He is on the list in category 1 but there is no info. I do have a newspaper clipping and other info about him. If you would like copies of this info, please let me know and I can email it to you.

  7. Mark Dworkin says:

    Jacob Kramer (Jack) from Buffalo, New York (1912-1992), fought in Spain with the Abe Lincoln’s. Here is his photo returning on the Champlain. He was married to my father’s cousin Mignone Dworkin (1912-198).

  8. Julie Owens says:

    My grandmother’s brother was Harold Jacob Smith. She told us she received a letter in the mail when he died. Following is the only reference I can find of him: Harold Jacob Smith, July 12, 1937, Belacazar of Typhoid. Can you tell me if it is possible to find the location of his burial?

    • brooksarp says:


      Almost every grave of IB volunteers was desecrated by the Nationalists after their victory. I will try to send you a short email this weekend to share the information that I have on Harold Jacob Smith.


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