Update 17 January 2009 Back to work

December 20, 2008

Over the next week I will be working on the unconfirmed volunteers.  I have been catching up on a long “honey-do” list after having completed student teaching.

(update) 5 JAN. I have created pages for F, G, H and P.  Still need to do the final 67 pages for M.

(update) 15 JAN.  I have been working on the M’s over the past week.  I am planning on putting in quite a few hours of work next week as, it is exam time in school and there will be fewer opportunities to sub.  So with a little luck I will upload all of the remaining unconfirmed volunteers data to Google docs and then I can begin linking them to the blog/web site.

(update) 17 JAN.  I completed the last of the Ms and started moving pages into google docs.  I got a few of the Fs knocked out but I ran out of time.  I should have no trouble finishing up the Unconfirmed by the end of the week.