Update 17 September 2012 – POWs on the Queen Mary identified

September 17, 2012

I found an alternate version of the photograph of returning POWs aboard the Queen Mary that provided the names of all of the volunteers in the photograph.  I have updated the information.



Update 17 March 2012 – Initial look at the Moscow: Selected Images ALBA.PHOTO.177 – The Football Team

March 17, 2012

I spent a couple of hours browsing the Guide to the International Brigade Archive, Moscow: Selected Images, ALBA.PHOTO.177 and found an additional photo series of the team in American Football uniforms.  I have had a copy of the team photograph for over a decade as the team included three Black volunteers.  In Folder 192: 15th International Brigade Sports Contest and Football Team there is a small series of seven photographs relating to this football team (Box 2, Folder 18, 177_19206-19212 [Moscow #s 5/192/6-12]). 

  The series includes two photos of the team in huddle, an action shot entitle “Play along the line of scrimmage” , two shots of the team celebrating victory and a team shot of the oposing team.  I often wondered whether this team actually had played any games.  Apparently they did have at least one scrimmage. 

I would like to be able to identify the volunteers in the photos.

POWs returning aboard the Queen Mary

April 3, 2010

POWs aboard the Queen Mary October 8, 1938

POWs exchanged on October 8, 1938 retuning to America aboard the Queen Mary.   The ship docked in New York on October 18, 1938. Standing left to right Louis Noah Ornitz,  Norman Edward Dorland, Edgar Lawrence Acken, Morris Conway, Homer Chase, Roger Lancaster Braley, Van Rensalaer Chase Jr., and Carl Gustave Belau.   Front row Richard B. de Witt Brown, Leopold Berman, Charles Barr, Fred Stix and  Samuel Romer.  Doneg Barberain who was also on the ship is not in the photograph,    Insert is Ring Larder Jr., who was killed in action in the last days of the Ebro Campaign.  Photo is from LIFE Magazine.

Identification of Volunteers – POWs Returning Aboard the Queen Mary

March 20, 2010

POWs exchanged on October 8, 1938 retuning to America aboard the Queen Mary.   The ship docked in New York on October 18, 1938.   Standing left to right Louis Noah Ornitz,  Norman Edward Dorland, Edgar Lawrence Acken, and Morris Conway.  Front row in bandage is Charles Barr, far right is Samuel Romer.  The other seven photographed are unidentified but should be:   Doneg Barberain, Carl Gustave Belau, Leopold Berman, Roger Lancaster Braley, Richard B. de Witt Brown, Van Rensalaer Chase, Jr.,  & Frederick Stix.  Insert is Ring Larder Jr. Photo from LIFE Magazine.

Two Photographs – Relating to Bill Bailey

May 19, 2009

Bill Bailey

 The first photograph is from the collection of Bill Bailey.  He is standing in the center.  Based on the handwritten note by Bailey the man standing on the left of the photograph  is a Yugoslavian tanker,  Standing to the right is Fred Keller.  Kneeling left to right are an unidentified volunteer, Bill McCartney and [Paul?] Goldberg.  Based on the uniforms, I believe this was taken in the early fall of 1937.

The second photograph is also from Bill Bailey’s collection.  None of the volunteers are identified.  The daughter of Gerry (Gerald) Doran believes that the volunteer in the prone position is her father.  I cannot confirm this information though based on the information provided about Gerry Doran I do not believe that the volunteer is him.  Doran was an early English volunteer who served in Co. 1 of the Marsaille Battalion.  He was wounded in action, head and arm, and spent the remainder of his time in Spain in hospital.  He was repatriated in June 1937. 

The second photograph appears to date to the summer of 1938 based on similar photographs from the time period.  Bill Bailey was serving as an Adjutant during this time period and the men may very well have been from his company.  

Identified as part of Bill Bailey's Platoon - individuals unidentified

Identified as part of Bill Bailey's Platoon - individuals unidentified

Life Magazine Photographs – Updated 10 October 2009

March 15, 2009

The March 28, 1938 issue of LIFE Magazine carried an article entitled “Americans Have Died For Democracy in Spain” (pp. 56-67).  In preperation for the article LIFE photographer, Peter Stackpole, took several photographs of returned volunteers.  These photographs are now on the web:  Aaron Harris, Doug Roach, Hy Roseman, William Harvey (Herrick), Morris Fishman, Robert Klonsky and Ruby Ehrlich.  These photographs can be found online under LIFE images.  Two were unidentified and I have now (10 Oct. 2009) identified them as Philip Haydock and Hy Stone.  The men who appeared in the article that who’s photographs are not online include Max Katz, Nils Berg, Frederick I. Lord and Jerry Warren.  I would like to get a good scan of the article I have a photocopy.

Unidentified 1 LIFE Magazine

Unidentified 1(is Hy Stone) LIFE Magazine

2nd Unidentified Volunteer LIFE Magazine

2nd Unidentified Volunteer (Philip Haydock) LIFE Magazine

A complete listing of LIFE articles dealing with Spain is posted by the University of Texas at Austin here.


Former POWs Returning aboard the Ile De France

March 4, 2009

”]New York, New York, USA --- 5/10/1939-New York, NY: Twelve members of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade who were captured while fighting with the Loyalist forces in the Spanish Civil war, shown upon their arrival in New York May 10, on the S. S. Ile De France, following their release from Spanish Nationalist prisons.     (ACME) --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS [used for identification purpose of the volunteers only]Fifteen volunteers returned on the Ile de France on that date: Ylia Balagurchik, Matthew Dykstra, Marshall Garcia (non-IB Spanish-American POW), Samuel Grant, Maurice Gurko, Stanley A. Heinricher, David Gillis Kelly, Sol Lerner, John Logan, John G. Mail, Fred Ralph Miller, Ignate Moskowitz, Carl Herman Riffe, Frederick Salvini, Richard Thompson.  Data from Ancestry.com Immigration files.