Update 22 April 2012 – Moving all of the Transcriptions

April 22, 2012

I am moving all of the Transcriptions from Updates to Research Tips.  I will continue to update the information over the next week or so.



Update 10 April 2012 – New Link added Hartford Labor Militants Fight the Spanish Civil War

April 10, 2012

Richard Farber

I added a link to an article from the Hog River Journal that provides some excellent information on Richard Farber and Anthony DeMaio.  I will continue to add links like these as I find them.  The article includes photos of both Farber (left) and DeMaio and draws on material from the Russian Archives.

Research Tips – Transcriptions of Names from the Album of 15th IB Presented to the American Communist Volunteers by the CP of Spain

April 7, 2012


Folder 197: Album of 15th International Brigade Presented to the American Communist Volunteers of the 15th Brigade by the Communist Party of Spain (Postcards, Drawings and Signatures), Oct. 1938





Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197019 [Signatures] Moscow # 5/197/19 October 1938

Column 1

Her. Arnaoutis   New York, NY

Nick M. Stamatakos   Mass.

Clement L. Markert   Pueblo, Colorado

Ben Findley   Turtle Creek, PA

Michael Athanasiadis   New York City

Frank Jordan  Ore. 

Albert Sanford   California

Larry Foy   New York

Ernest Kolowski   Seattle, WA

Burt Jackson   New York

Thomas Norton   Oregon

Evaristo Martinez Diez   New York

Frederick G. Lutz   New Jersey

Column 2

Bill Wheeler   N. Y.

Saul Wellman   New York City

William Robert Ellis   NYC

Frank B. Cone   Chicago, Ill.

Harry E. Lichter   Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Emanuel Hochberg   New York City

Nathan Gross   New York City

William Bailey   San Francisco

Isidore Hyman   New York City

Mikoul Pauloa  NY

Max Korb   NY

Archie Brown   San Francisco

Bernard Sall  New York

George Foucek   Omaha

Column 3

Richard Koppel   New York City

Ralph Spinner   New York

Robert Reed   Detroit

Marion M. Noble   Detroit, Michigan

Harold Lee   New York City

David Chris   New York City

Norman J. Osborne   Florida

Lawrence Wimsheimer   Pittsburg, PA

Ragnar Pylkki   Wisconsin

Erkki Martikainen   New York

Elliot Loomis   California

Vals. Koppel   New York City

Peter A. Sturgeon  Baltimore, MD

Sam Deluca   Wis.

Mack Coad   Charlotte, NC

Jefferson Wideman   Phila., PA

Simon Jokoffsky   New York City, USA

[This list contains Party members who were killed in Spain.  There are several individuals listed as having been killed in different battles than what we currently list.  Also several of the volunteers listed as killed were POWs or deserted.  There are also a number of duplicates, spelling errors and volunteers who’s names I do not recognize. Folder 197 – Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197023 -Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197028 ]

 Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197023 [Drawing: soldiers with rifles and bayonets; list of battles] Moscow # 5/197/23 Oct. 1938

Muertos [Died]

Harry Ain   Ebro

Owen Appleton   Fuentes de Ebro

Chase Ashley   Teruel

Theodore Barrows   Hospital  [Ebro, Sierra Pandols]

Ben Barsky   Corbera   [Ebro, Sierra Pandols]

Julian Bublis   Fuentes de Ebro   [Julian James Baublis]

 Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197024 [List of Names] Moscow # 5/197/24 Oct. 1938

Meyer Berkowitz   Tarazona   [Hospital, Typhus]

Samuel Bernstein   Gandesa   [Ebro Offensive]

James Bezanovitch   Gandesa   [Ebro Offensive]

Joseph Bianco   Sierra Pandolls

George Boekm    Gandesa    [Boem, Vila Alba, July 20, 1937]

Milton Herndon   Teruel   [Fuentes de Ebro]

Albert Brezovic   Gandesa   [Ebro Offensive]

Kenneth Brown   Fuentes de Ebro

Handy Roe Burkett   Caspe   [Belchite, September 15, 1937]

Pablo Carbonall   Teruel

Leslie Clark   Atalaya

James Cody   Gandesa   [March 10, 1938]

Robert Collentine   Fuentes de Ebro

H. S. Connor   Gandesa   [Herbert Sharpley Connor, March 10, 1938]

John Cookson   Corbera   [September 12, 1938, Ebro, Sierra Caballs]

Joseph Cuban   Gandesa   [July 28, 1938]

Eugene Cullens   H. B. Ebro  [September 12, 1938, Ebro, Sierra Caballs]

James Cunningham   Gandesa   [July 28, 1938, Ebro]

Joe Dallet   Fuentes de Ebro

Ted Daboll   Teruel   [not listed – uncertain if this is an American]

Phil Detro   Teruel

William McDigges   Gandesa   [likely – William Mitchell Digges, Accidental suicide]

Richard Dombrowski   Gandesa   [July 30, 1938, Ebro]

Dave Doran   Gandesa

Digges   Tarrega   [most likely – William Digges- see above]

 Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197025 [List of Names] Moscow # 5/197/25 Oct. 1938

Wm Titus   Seguro de los Banos   [William Bertram Titus]

Peterson   Teruel   [Likely – Gus Peterson, January 1938, Teruel]

Bror Nyberg   Fuentes de Ebro   [September 5, 1937, Belchite]

Dewitt Parker   Belchite

Harry Parnes   Fuentes de Ebro

Henry Parrotts    Gandesa   [March 10, 1938]

Daniel Pasternak   Fuentes de Ebro

Kenneth Paterson   Atalaya   [Kenneth David Richard Peterson]

Robert Pettyjohn   Gandesa   [March 10, 1938]

Manch Phatteplane   Belchite   [Oval Manche Phetterplace, March 10, 1938]

Emmanuel Photinaky   Belchite   [Emanuel Basil Fontinakis, March 10, 1938]

Sam Polansky   Gandesa   [Not KIA – POW]

Charles Regan   Belchite   [September 5, 1937, Belchite]

Arnold Reiss   Gandesa   [July 31, 1938]

David Reiss   Belchite

Virgil Rhette   Gandesa   [Rhetta, March 10, 1938]

Sol Rose   Gandesa   [October 1938]

Werner Wihelo   Benicassim   [Werner Jalmar Wilhela, March 10, 1938]

Kenneth Yokum   Gandesa   [Yocum, September 1938]

Charles Youngblood   Belchite   [March 10, 1938, Belchite]

Manuel Mandel   Atalaya   [Emmanuel Mandel, February 17, 1938, Seguro de los Banos]

Philip Mandelblat   Gandesa   [July 1938, Ebro]

Jahn Marralian   Ebro   [John H. Mapralian, March 10, 1938, Retreats, Belchite]

Frans Martens   Gandesa   [Not on list- unidentified]

Benjamin Smith   Fuentes de Ebro   [Some confusion – possibly Benjamin Carr Smith – or another volunteer]

 Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197026 [List of Names] Moscow # 5/197/26 Oct. 1938

Vernon Snow    Fuentes de Ebro

Chas. Sperry   Fuentes de Ebro   [September 5, 1937, Belchite]

Thane Summers   Caspe   [March 1938, Belchite]

George Trenkler   Fuentes de Ebro   [March 13, 1938, Belchite]

Herman Ungar   Belchite   [March 10, 1938, Belchite]

Elkan Wandkos   Belchite   [Wendkos, March 10, 1938]

Paul Wendorf   Sierra Pandolls   [August 1938, Sierra Pandolls]

Milton Epstein   Gandesa   [July 30, 1938, Ebro]

Joseph Teller   Gandesa   [Not on list- unidentified]

John Treld   Teruel   [Not on list- unidentified]

Nelson Tishelson   Teruel   [Nelson Nathan Fishnelson]

Irving Tishgold   Gandesa   [Irving Fishgold, July 27, 1938]

Jack Freeman   Ebro   [September 7, 1938, Sierra Caballs]

Herman Greenfield    Catalaya   [February 1938, Seguro de los Banos]

Matti Haukkala  Teruel

James Hill   Corbera

Joseph Kaplan   Belchite   [March 1938, Retreats]

Pincus Kablinsky   Fuentes de Ebro

Roman Kendzerski   Brunete   [September 3, 1937, Belchite]

Archie Kassner   Corbera   [September 1938, Ebro, Sierra Caballs]

Lawrence Kleroman   Teruel   [Lawrence Kleidman]

John Koschak   Gandesa  [John Kosesak, August 15, 1938, Ebro, Sierra Pandols]

Ferdinand Richards   Gandesa  [Ferdiand R. Richard, April 5, 1938, Retreats, Gandesa]

Morris Richman   Gandesa   [March 10, 1938, Retreats]

Herman Riffe   Caspe   [Carl Herman Riffe, not KIA – POW]

 Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197027 [List of Names] Moscow # 5/197/27 Oct. 1938

Ernest Romero   Caspe   [not KIA – returned to US]

Joseph Rosentein   Gandesa   [April 3, 1938, Retreats, Gandesa]

Sidney Rosenstein   Corbera   [September 7, 1938, Ebro, Sierra Caballs]

Jean Rouen   Caspe

Ed Royce   Caspe   [Not KIA]

Harry Parlman   Belchite   [Harry Perlman, March 1938, Belchite]

Jack Peterson   Gandesa   [Not on list- unidentified]

John Peterson   Caspe   [Not KIA – Returned to US, June 18, 1938]

Lee Levick   Fuentes de Ebro   [Lionel Levick]

Chas. Lewis   Teruel   [Charles Howard Lewis]

George Leighton   Teruel   [John Stuart Leighton, April 1938, Retreats]

George Robchaski   Gandesa   [Not on list- unidentified]

Lannono Lino   Gandesa   [Lennoni Leno, July 1938, Ebro]

David Lipton   Gandesa   [August 20, 1938, Ebro, Sierra Pandolls]

Norman Lisburg   Teruel   [Norman Lisberg, January 25, 1938, Teruel]

Aaron Lopoff   Hospital  [September 1938, from wounds at Ebro]

Karl Lowenberg   Caspe

Leo Rosen   Teruel    [Not on list- unidentified]

Abraham Sassan   Gandesa   [April 1, 1938, Retreats, Gandesa]

Antonio Savin   Gandesa   [Anterio Roman Savin, July 29, 1938, Ebro]

Nathan Schilling   Fuentes

Herbert Schlesinger   Gandesa   [September 8, 1938, Ebro, Sierra Caballs]

Isidore Schrenzel   Hospital  [Isadore J. Schrenzel, from wounds at Fuentes de Ebro]

Roy Sears   Hospital   [July 21, 1938, unknown if from wounds]

 Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197028 [List of Names] Moscow # 5/197/28 Oct. 1938

Joseph Shenkir   Gandesa   [Llyod C. Johnson, September 7, 1938]

Jack Shiffman   Fuentes de Ebro 

Robert Shissler   Fuentes de Ebro   [Robert Garis Shissler]

Malcolm Chisholm   Brunete

Lionel Larish   Fuentes de Ebro   [Not on list- unidentified]

Ramon Fridle (Chicago)  Ebro   [Likely Sylvester Frank Friedle]

Howard Hoaker  Aragon   [Howard Hooker, April 1938, Aragon]

Frank Bates   Quinto

Morris Wickman   Brunete

Warner   Brunete   [Unidentified]

Simmons   Belchite   [Likely – Herbert Simmons, died in hospital from wounds]

Sid Harris   Caspe   [Not KIA – POW]

Tom Balavage   Belchite

Paul Block   Belchite

Harold Smith   Corbera   [Harold Jacob Smith, July 12, 1937, Belacazar of Typhoid]

George Carbonell   Ebro   [Jorge Carbonell Cuevas]

Pablo Carbonell   Teruel   [Pablo Carbonell Cuevas]

John Berning   Belchite   [John Burning, April 3, 1938, Retreats]

Sidney Arnold   Jarama

Manuel Digats    Ebro   [Jesus de Digat Manuel]

Alexander Mendoza   Teruel   [Not on list- unidentified]

Otto Mueller   Cordoba   [Not on list- unidentified]

Wm. Van de Prest  Cordoba   [William Allen Ven der Roest]

 Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197037 [List of Names] Moscow # 5/197/37 Oct. 1938  ***poor quality***

Column 1

William Gabor  Sheboyban, Wis.

Yrjo Kekkinu  Cantbury, Conn USA

Valentin Kenner   NJ

John Kasinap  NYC

Oiva Halonen  USA

Vaughn Love  USA

Crawford Morgan  USA

Louis Gnepp  USA

Joseph Zawadowski  Chicago, USA

Waino Hoffstrom   Ewan Mic, USA

Harold Smith  New York

Samuel Silverman  New  York

Leonard Levenson Washington, DC

Gerald Cook  New York

Norman Nowikowitz  NYC

Column 2

John Rody  Milwaukee, USA

Larry Lustgarten  New York, NY

Martin Sullivan, Bronx, NY

Ivan Smokee  Detroit Mich.  (sp?)

George Cady  New York City

Chris E. Litsas  Worcester, Mass.

Andy Borysko  Canersie, NY  (sp?)

Emiliano Marin  Puerto Rico

Beny Brostoff 

illegible  NYC, USA

Russel W. Stephens  NY City

Benjamin H. Brown  New York City

August Rohmann  San Francisco, Cal.

Samuel Wren  Penn, USA

David S. Groden  New York

Samuel Waitzman  NYC


I have found several volunteers who identify themselves as Americans as a result of my transcription efforts.  Several are Hispanic , like Henry Garcia, California and Manuel Estevez   Plymouth, California

Henry Garcia may be Harry Garcia but I currently lack the resources to confirm this. 

Manuel Estevez is Manuel Estevez Barrena a Spanish American who was born in Plymouth, California on October 18, 1918.  Estevez went to Spain with his family in 1932.  There is no record that shows he was issued an American passport.  When he returned from Spain he did so on a Certificate of Identity.   The certificate of identity gave his address as 396 West Street, New York, New York.  Estevez served  in the Column Rosal an Anarchist unit and later with the 60th BDE for approximately six months before transfering to the  International Brigades as interpreter (November 1936-March 1937).  He attended OTS in 1938 and after graduation was assigned to the XV BDE, Headquarters with the rank of Seargent.  He was later promoted to Lieutenant.  He returned to the United States aboard the Ausonia on December 20, 1938.  During World War II Estevez fought in the US military.


 Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197038 [List of Names] Moscow # 5/197/38 Oct. 1938

Column 1

Sid Bassin    NYC

Benjamin Kotter   Memphas, Tenn

Joseph Cobert    NJ

Anthony Matosis   NYC

Joe Severa   Calif

Henry Garcia    Calif

Manny Lanser   USA

James Albert Pitt   Oklahoma City, Ok

Max Bowers   Oakland, Calif

Sandor Voros   Cleveland, Ohio

Kalman Tornoicke   Chicago, Ill

David Liffert    Port Washington, NY  sp

Richard Rusciano   Queens, New York

Nick J. Demas   New York, NY

Column 2

S. Shiff  Paterson, NJ

Frank Rodgers   Cleveland, Ohio

Manuel Estevez   Plymouth, California

Bill Wheeler   NYC

Harry Schoenberg   New York, Chicago

Joseph Francis Rehil   New Brunswick, NY

Fred Schofs   NYC

John O. Hagilaou   NYC (Spartacus)

Larry Cohen   NYC

Joe Uarir   NYC

George R. Carroll   NYC

Max Silverman   NYC

Joe Luftig   NYC

Joseph De Dent   Canton, Ohio





Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197039 [List of Names] Moscow # 5/197/39 Oct. 1938

John Gates   Youngstown, O

Jim Bourne   Wash

Joe Brandt   New York City

George Watt   New York

Sam Nahman   New York City

Walter Kolowski   Mich

Berry “Butch” Goldstein   Penna.

Abe Smorodin   NYC

Paul Merkel   Calif.

David Daordson  New York  Sp

Tonny Rizzo   Baltimore, MD

Wm A. Reed   Calif.

Guy Thorpe   Illinois

Louis A. Eider   Ohio

George Kaye   California

Wilbur Wellman   California

Julius Siegel  Binghampton, NY

Owen J. Smith   Iowa

Irving Weissman   New York

Milton Wolff  NY

Lenard Loweb  NY  sp

Hymie Brown   Oakland, California

Karl Kalke   New York

Paul Borisuk   Cleveland, Ohio

Easey Goldstein   Chicago, Illinois

Cornelius Pieters   Cleveland, Ohio

Walter Cobbs  St. Louis, Mo.

Walter Dicks   Cleveland, Ohio

Karl Meyers   Milwaukee, Wis

Milton Konove   NYC

Oirwing Naochowitz   California  sp Irving

 Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197040 [List of Names] Moscow # 5/197/40 Oct. 1938

Column 1

Steve Thomas   Pittsburg, PA

M. Matteson  Fichburg, Mass

Manny Kolow  Brownsville, NYC

Murray Nemeroff   Bklyn, NY

Joe Gordon   NYC

James M. Jones  NYC

Wilton Clute   NYC

Joseph Hecht   NY Brooklyn

Samuel Gonshak  NY

Ed Lending   NYC

Ernest Amatniac   NYC

Hy Chesler   Coney Island

Illegible  Brage   New York City, NY

Benj. Katine   Bx, NYC

John Tisa   Camden, NJ

Daniel Kraman   NY City

David Gordon   Toledo, Ohio

B. Richman   Hackensack, NJ

Joe Taylor   Georgia

Column 2

Harold Goddard   Los Angeles, California

Manuel Estevez   New York

Constantino Dubac   Brooklyn, NY

 Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197041 [List of Names] Moscow # 5/197/41 Oct. 1938

Column 1

Frank Ziedman   Chelsea, Mass

William Schmitt   Waterbury, Conn.

James Cox   St. Louis, Mo.

Seymour Klein  New York

Leo Markowitz   New York

Pete Hadjieff   Gary, Ind.

Milton Cooper   New York

Trepco Buzeff   New York City

Tom Lewis   Pasadena, California

Emanuel Pavlos   Cambridge, Ohio

Milton Cohen   Chicago, Ill

Column 2

Jesse Wallach   New York City

Anthony Drossel   Chicago, Illinois

Harry W. Randall, Jr.   Oregon

Leo Solodkin   New York

Earl Randall Wildman   Washington

Frank Marion   New York

George Hegedus   Pennsylvania

Illegible entry

Stephen Zak    New York City

Godfrey Thomson   Chicaog, Illinois

John Wm Snyder   Crosby, Minnesota

John Pausick   Taylor Springs, Illinois

Joseph Ensign   San Francisco, California

Column 3

Irving Peshkin   New York, NY

Henry illegible   Los Angeles, California

Thomas Leroy Lloyd   Steubenville, Ohio

Walter J. Schuetrum, Jr.    Superior, Wisconsin

Michael Shantzek   Los Angeles, California

Lowell Duncan   Los Angeles, California

Joseph Gregg   New York City

George Passoglou   10217 Los Camopu Ave., Detroit, Mich, USA

Matthew Matison   Dover, New Hampshire

E. Arkas   1510 Elm Ave, Brooklyn, NY USA

Frank Edward Arvola   Detroit, Michigan

Nick Skepas   New York City

Wm. B. Morel   California





Box 2, Folder 23, 177_197049 [Declaration continued with signatures of African-Americans] Moscow # 5/197/49 Oct. 1938

Column 1

Charles L. Parker   New York City

Ralph Thornton   Pgh. PA

Charles F. Foster   NYC

Joseph Snean   New York City (sp)

Column 2

Abe Lewis   Ohio

Tom Page   Long Island, NY

Burt Jackson   NYC

Joseph Taylor   Georgia

Vaughn Love   New York

James Cox   St. Louis, Mo

Jefferson Wideman   Phila. Pa

Walter Dicks   Cleveland, Ohio

Larry Foy   Harlem

Amos Archer   Youngstown, Ohio

Walter Cobbs   St. Louis, Mo

Mack Coad   Charlotte, NC

Admiral Kilpatrick

Update 6 April 2012 – Jerome Ethan Ferroffiaro (Ferroggiaro)

April 6, 2012

Jerome E. Ferroggiaro is an interesting figure among the American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War.  He is often noted as being a “professional soldier.”  During WW II he served in the US Air Force, in the 100th Bomber Group.  On the website of  the 100th Bomber Group there is a photograph and a brief biographical sketch.

 The biographical sketch indicates that Ferroggiaro’s bomber was shot down on 8 October 1943 over Bremen, Germany and he spent the remainder of the war as a POW.  He remained in the service after the war serving as a gunnery instructor in the Air Force.  It also indicates that he died during the mid-nineties at his home near Phoenix, Arizona.

On the ALBA list he is listed as Ferroffiaro, with Ferroggiaro as an alternate spelling.  He was born in 1912 in the Phillipines.  His father is noted as having been a builder of armored cars in China.  Ferroffiaro lived in China for 15 years.  When he volunteered for  Spain, Ferroffiaro was living in San Francisco and he arrived in Spain in February 1938.  He served in the Lincoln-Washington BN, MG Company and later as a Battalion Scout during the Ebro Campaign.  Ferroffiaro indicated that by vocation he was a soldier of fortune and also an auto mechanic.  He returned from Spain on December 20, 1938 aboard the Ausonia.

7 April – After completing this post I found two additional pages relating to Ferroffiaro on the 100th page.  These provided his date of death and a longer biographical sketch.  This provides significant new information.