Updates 29 May 2009

May 30, 2009

I have added a couple of new home pages to the Cat I volunteers.  I also added a Cat II volunteer to the list and added a link to the Lynchburg College website I found him in.  I am also doing some updates on the identification of photographs to try to make these a little cleaner. 



Update 25 May 2009 Updates to CAT I, Honor Roll and Unconfirmed

May 25, 2009

I have made some significant updates based on new information to both Category I and unconfirmed lists.  I still have to add data pages for the new names listed as unconfirmed (currently in red).

Update – 19 May 2009

May 19, 2009

I will finally have some time this weekend to get some updates and corrections added.  I plan to update the main lists (Cat I, Honor Roll and Unconfirmed) based on new data.  I will also begin adding more cover sheets.  Now that ALBA has the data base online (with a few glitches) I should be able to concentrate on primary and secondary source content.

I posted two photos from Bill Bailey’s collection.  I will add context later this week.


Two Photographs – Relating to Bill Bailey

May 19, 2009

Bill Bailey

 The first photograph is from the collection of Bill Bailey.  He is standing in the center.  Based on the handwritten note by Bailey the man standing on the left of the photograph  is a Yugoslavian tanker,  Standing to the right is Fred Keller.  Kneeling left to right are an unidentified volunteer, Bill McCartney and [Paul?] Goldberg.  Based on the uniforms, I believe this was taken in the early fall of 1937.

The second photograph is also from Bill Bailey’s collection.  None of the volunteers are identified.  The daughter of Gerry (Gerald) Doran believes that the volunteer in the prone position is her father.  I cannot confirm this information though based on the information provided about Gerry Doran I do not believe that the volunteer is him.  Doran was an early English volunteer who served in Co. 1 of the Marsaille Battalion.  He was wounded in action, head and arm, and spent the remainder of his time in Spain in hospital.  He was repatriated in June 1937. 

The second photograph appears to date to the summer of 1938 based on similar photographs from the time period.  Bill Bailey was serving as an Adjutant during this time period and the men may very well have been from his company.  

Identified as part of Bill Bailey's Platoon - individuals unidentified

Identified as part of Bill Bailey's Platoon - individuals unidentified

Updates 4 May 2009 – NYC ALBA/VALB Trip

May 5, 2009

Back from NYC and the VALB/ALBA events.  The lectures series on the newly found Capa photographs (The Mexican Suitcase) was very interesting.  I was also able to put in a few hours work in the Archive itself at NYU.  The whole staff there is really great to work with.  I found some great information and my wife was able to obtain supporting documents for her work on the Vaughn Love manuscript. 

I was able to look over the papers of Hilliard Bernstein and found some great material.  He ran for Governor in the early 1940s and there was an article from a Richmond paper!  I will be digging into these in the near future.  Also found numerous books of poetry self-published by Bernstein. 

I stumbled over another bit of information on another Virginia volunteer.  Pat Read, the head of the communications section mentioned that Vernon Snow was killed in action by a nationalist aircraft.  So it looks like Snow was in the Lincoln-Washington BN instead of the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion.

I met the family member of a volunteer at the event on Sunday.  Her uncle was a Spanish-American who went back to Spain to fight for the Republican government.  Many of the men with Hispanic names on the Sail List appear in no other area.  I believe that most served in regular Republican formations, as they were able to speak the language.

I also bumped into Len and Nancy, literally, and confirmed that it would be okay to put up the biographical sketches they provided me several years ago.