Category II Volunteers

Category II – Volunteers who moved to the United States after the Spanish Civil War

(Incomplete List)

Sam Abrahamson

Leon Acker

Antonio Beamud

Angel Botello

Karl Bräuning

Pierre Daura

John Foruria Arrizabalaga

Stanko Grujic

Jaques Grundblatt

Karl Heidenreich

Josephine Hill

Bernard Knox

Gusatave Listhaeghe

Peter Machnich

Mate Matisic

Abe Matorn

Elmer Stephen Merges

Grigore Naum

Blas Padrano

Blas Padrino Calzadilla

Gino Rigamonte

Blaz Sabic

Mario Salegui

Domenico Segala

George Sossenko

Milojko Teofilovic

Bernard Volkas

Miro Zurak


One Response to Category II Volunteers

  1. Anne Aylor says:

    Great site! I realise that this is an “Incomplete list”, but I think the wife of the Chief of Staff, Marion Hale Merriman should be included in Category II. She was one of 2 women to serve in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. She returned to the States in 1937 and returned to California.

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