Category III Volunteers

Category III – Volunteers who lived in the United States then departed prior to the Spanish Civil War.

(Incomplete List)

Bennett, Don

Bennett, Gordon (Dusty)

Tomo Cacic

Carlson, Arvid

Chaudoin, Norman

Riccardo Diaviach

Fontana, Ettore

Antonio Franco

Vojislav Gacinovic

Jamez Gramc

Ernest Haris

Civil Lucev

Mate Matisic

Anton Raspor

Jerolim Franjo Ruzic

Blaz Sabic

Milojko Teofilovic

Urgen, Charles

Nicolo Vascon

Francesco Zustovich


One Response to Category III Volunteers

  1. Paul BEnnett says:

    Don Bennett was my grandfather and his brother Gordon or Dusty as he was better known , my great uncle. I know he spent time in both Canada and the US before returning to England before embarking for Spain. I gather that I have some family who still live in Canada. It would be interesting to gather any information anyone might have about his life in the US.

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