Update 6 April 2012 – Jerome Ethan Ferroffiaro (Ferroggiaro)

Jerome E. Ferroggiaro is an interesting figure among the American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War.  He is often noted as being a “professional soldier.”  During WW II he served in the US Air Force, in the 100th Bomber Group.  On the website of  the 100th Bomber Group there is a photograph and a brief biographical sketch.

 The biographical sketch indicates that Ferroggiaro’s bomber was shot down on 8 October 1943 over Bremen, Germany and he spent the remainder of the war as a POW.  He remained in the service after the war serving as a gunnery instructor in the Air Force.  It also indicates that he died during the mid-nineties at his home near Phoenix, Arizona.

On the ALBA list he is listed as Ferroffiaro, with Ferroggiaro as an alternate spelling.  He was born in 1912 in the Phillipines.  His father is noted as having been a builder of armored cars in China.  Ferroffiaro lived in China for 15 years.  When he volunteered for  Spain, Ferroffiaro was living in San Francisco and he arrived in Spain in February 1938.  He served in the Lincoln-Washington BN, MG Company and later as a Battalion Scout during the Ebro Campaign.  Ferroffiaro indicated that by vocation he was a soldier of fortune and also an auto mechanic.  He returned from Spain on December 20, 1938 aboard the Ausonia.

7 April – After completing this post I found two additional pages relating to Ferroffiaro on the 100th page.  These provided his date of death and a longer biographical sketch.  This provides significant new information.


4 Responses to Update 6 April 2012 – Jerome Ethan Ferroffiaro (Ferroggiaro)

  1. Rod Ferroggiaro says:

    The correct spelling of our last name is Ferroggiaro , My ad Jerome Eathen was born in San Francisco and spent his teen age years in china. His Parents my grand parents were capyured in Maninila when the Japenese too the Philloipines . My name is Roderick J Ferroggiaro I was born while my dad was a POW in Germany in 1944.

    • Whitemule says:

      You are sure proud of him ,Roderick.
      A lot of thanks to your Father from Spain. Never forgotten. DEP /RIP

    • Linda Franklin says:

      Hi there, my name is Linda Franklin (maiden name Yellop) and I live in the United Kingdom, and I’ve just seen this article and I believe Rod’s half sister Valerie is also my half sister. Rod’s mother May was married to my father Thomas Yellop, they had a daughter Valerie and when May met Jerome they took Valerie back with them to America. I have met Valerie once in the 1960s when she visited my dad Thomas; I was around eight years old.

      I have always wanted to get in contact with Valerie! I have her birth certificate, she was born in 1938. Rod, if you see this and want to get in touch then I’ll be more than happy to give you my contact details. Valerie, to my knowledge, knows nothing of how our father Thomas died and I’d love to get in touch with her.

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