Updates 8 June 2011

I took a few minutes today to add a biographical sketch for Henry (Mark) Buska.



2 Responses to Updates 8 June 2011

  1. P. H.Kennedy says:

    Correction to Henry’s Bio. He was from Cromwell, Minnesota and not Michigan.

    He was born in Butte MT. His finnish immigrant father was a copper miner and died of lung disease at a young age, his Mother then married Hjalmar Mark and as a step son, he assumed the name Henry Mark. When he applied for a passport, it had to be by his birth name Buska. He worked in the forest industry, as that was the livelyhood of Cromwell….that and farming. Heikki, is finnish for Henry and in Cromwell, a finnish speaking community in those times, he was known as Heikki Mark. My Mother, Aune Maria Buska, was Henry’s brother and also assumed the last name Mark from her step dad.

    Thank you for adding his bio.

    Heikki, (PH Kennedy) Eveleth, MN

    • P. H.Kennedy says:

      Henry Buska’s records seem to be confused with his name and link him to being C. Forester. There is also a soldier named Clarence Forester, (brother of Kenneth Forester, also a Brigade soldier). Both these young men were Finnish-American’s and arrived together in Spain on the ship Rotterdam. They may have looked a lot alike and spoke with the same finnish accent. This may account for the confusion? Clarence Forester survived the war.

      Heikki, (PH Kennedy

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