Update 27 April 2011

I am finishing up Mark Zuehlke’s The Gallant Cause.  It is a well written narrative history (with a few odd editing glytches).  I will finish Peter Darman’s Heroic Voices next week.  I ordered both of these used before I went to California at the end of March.

I have two follow ups to complete next week (Henry Buska and Alpheus D. Prowell)  when I get back from San Antonio.  I have 14-days black-out leave before I mobilize.  I will be away for the next year.  With a little luck I will be able to continue my work from the grim land.




One Response to Update 27 April 2011

  1. Dawn Rolland says:


    Hi. Today I was surprised to come across your update where you mention Alpheus Prowell. He’s my ancestor. I’ve been reseaching him as a part of my family history. Please let me know what kind of follow up you’re doing on him.

    You’ve done a fantastic job! This is a great website!!!

    Dawn Rolland

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