Update 7 June 2009 – and musings…

I have been adding home pages over the past week.  Very slow work.  I have also run into a couple of minor google doc glitches that have caused me some headaches.  This week I am going to concentrate on completing updates to the CAT II and III volunteers.  I have a few additional CAT I updates and data I need to finish.

With ALBA hosting the CAT I vols on their website – I will concentrate on adding primary source documentation. 

School is out at the end of this week.  I will probably not get many jobs this week.  If I do not have anything for Thurs. I will be traveling to Washington DC to see a friend of mine who was wounded in action in Afghanistan.  Jake was TC in an up armoured HUMVEE that was hit by an IED.  He had severe damage to his left hip and leg (apparently the force from the IED slammed him against his BFT with enough force to shatter his hip and leg in numerous places.  Jake had recently taken over as Team Leader on a Transition Team.  It will be the better part of a year for him to recover.

Also found out a couple of friends are either back over or will be going in the near future.  One was cross leveled from the same unit and deployed with me; the second is my roommate from my year in Iraq.  This time they are in Afghanistan.   Hopefully, both will have to be outside the wire less than we were MiTTs.  A third was in my Advance course, he went in with the initial invasion of Iraq.  He is in Iraq again near Tikrit.

I am looking at retiring from the Reserves this summer.  I stayed in two additional years after my deployment and I feel like I have done my bit.  With a little luck and persitance I will have a teaching position for the fall.  This will  allow me to attend graduate school in the fall.   



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