Updates 4 May 2009 – NYC ALBA/VALB Trip

Back from NYC and the VALB/ALBA events.  The lectures series on the newly found Capa photographs (The Mexican Suitcase) was very interesting.  I was also able to put in a few hours work in the Archive itself at NYU.  The whole staff there is really great to work with.  I found some great information and my wife was able to obtain supporting documents for her work on the Vaughn Love manuscript. 

I was able to look over the papers of Hilliard Bernstein and found some great material.  He ran for Governor in the early 1940s and there was an article from a Richmond paper!  I will be digging into these in the near future.  Also found numerous books of poetry self-published by Bernstein. 

I stumbled over another bit of information on another Virginia volunteer.  Pat Read, the head of the communications section mentioned that Vernon Snow was killed in action by a nationalist aircraft.  So it looks like Snow was in the Lincoln-Washington BN instead of the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion.

I met the family member of a volunteer at the event on Sunday.  Her uncle was a Spanish-American who went back to Spain to fight for the Republican government.  Many of the men with Hispanic names on the Sail List appear in no other area.  I believe that most served in regular Republican formations, as they were able to speak the language.

I also bumped into Len and Nancy, literally, and confirmed that it would be okay to put up the biographical sketches they provided me several years ago.



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