Update 14 March 2009

I have been working on adding some content to the CAT I based on a request for information on Americanvolunteers whose names appear on a songbook belonging to American volunteer Sam Walters.  Geoff Lawes made put out a request for information on the ALBA Listserve on March 2nd.  I have added biographical entries on Henry Buska, Gastone Del Gianco, Ralph Blanchard, Bert Searl, Milton Weiner, Rubin Ryant, Tom Norton, Frank Madigan, Samuel Wren, Marion Massey, Joseph Hecht [there is now a biographical sketch on the ALBA website for Hecht], Murray Nemeroff, Chi Chang, Douglas Hitchcock [under his real name Robert Colver], James Du Bruel, James Hassett, and Albert Ziegler.

My sketches on the black volunteers Eluard McDaniels, and Gerald Goldwyn [Pierre Duvalle] are on the ALBA site.

I need to look further into Joel Kornblutt, Jack Hall and  Joseph Vaughan.



3 Responses to Update 14 March 2009

  1. Vicki Rhea says:

    My name is Vicki Rhea.

    My parents were Florence and Herman Cohen.

    Albert Ziegler was my uncle (on my mohter’s side). I still have letters and writings of his that my Mom and her mother Ida Ziegler saved from the time he was imprisoned with the other Brigade members.

    I am interested to know if anyone has photos of, or more information about, my uncle Al from that time.

    Thank you!
    Vicki Rhea

  2. Sara says:

    James Du Bruel is my husband’s biological grandfather. If you have any other information, it would be wonderful to have that.

    • brooksarp says:

      Below is the current information I have on your husband’s grandfather. If you are able to add any additional information or a photograph please contact me.

      Chris B.
      DuBruel, James. (Dubruel); b. October 7, 1909; Vuyina, Minnesota; Single; Laborer; Domicile 601 W. Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota; Arrived in Spain on August 19, 1937; Served with the XV BDE, English BN, Co. 4 November 1937-September 1938, then to BDE Sandidad, rank Soldado; Returned to the US on December 20, 1938 aboard the Ausonia.
      Source: XV BDE, Pay, RA, Ancestry.

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