Obtaining Passport Records

United States Department of State Pssport Records

Passport Records for Issuances 1925 – Present

The Passport Services maintains United States passport records for passports issued from 1925 to the present. These records normally consist of applications for United States passports and supporting evidence of United States citizenship, and are protected by the Privacy Act of 1974, (5 USC 552(a)).

Third Party requests require either a death certificate or that the passport owner to have been born 100 or more years earlier. 

More than half of all volunteers meet the above criteria.

To File a request you will need as much of the following information as possible;

  1. Full name at birth and any subsequent name changes
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. The dates or estimated dates your passports were issued
  4. Your passport numbers or any other information that will help us locate your records
  5. Your reason for the search
  6. Your contact information

For most volunteers the above information can be found within the Subversive Activities Control Board’s Scope of Soviet Activity in the United States

 A $150.00 search fee is required for each individual for whom a record search is requested. Checks or money orders should be made payable to “Department of State”.

  1. Mailing Address
    All requests for passport records issued from 1925 to present should be mailed to:
    Department of State
    Passport Services
    Research and Liaison Section
    Room 500
    1111 19th Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20524-1705 (202) 955-0447

Watkins’ Passport Photograph  







Franklin Watkins was killed in action in Spain.  In 1995 his niece obtained his passport records.  No death certificate was issued for him however, his death was reported in the Atlantic City Union in April 1938.



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