Veterans Returning on the Champlain July 20, 1938

(Click on the photo to enlarge)

There are twenty-one volunteers in the photograph above.  Eighteen are Americans.  I can positively identify seven.  Mosess [Moe] Fishman is standing top left.  To his left, the African American volunteer is Aaron Bernard Johnson, to Johnson’s left is John Wegrzynek. Standing far right is Roger James Hargrave far right in the first row.  Standing second from right in first row is Jacob Albert Kramer.  To Kramer’s right is Harry Benjamin Patterson.  Herman Barr is seated second from left in the front row.

These are the names of the other Americans aboard:

Jack Altman, Meyer Arnovitch, Harry John Day, Ralph H. Field, Fritz Grell, Francis J. Herman, Gabriel Jack Quinones, Joseph D. Sacal, Dallas Velmore Sanborn, Francis Clair Sanford, and Joseph Martin Sinnot.



2 Responses to Veterans Returning on the Champlain July 20, 1938

  1. Friends & Family of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade says:

    Thank you for the work you have done on this site. It is impressive. Please
    keep us informed.
    Also, please correct the first name of Moe Fishman. it is Mosess.
    Georgia Wever for the FFALB

  2. michael touger says:

    Herman Barr is sitting in the front row, second from the left, wearing a tie and beret, with a very intense expression. He was my uncle. I have only one photo of Herman returning on a ship after the Lincoln Vets were withdrawn. Please let me know of any other information you have about him.

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